econtur Consultancy

econtur consultancy for strategy planning, capacity building and evaluation of international environmental education programmes.

Staff members of econtur have long work experiences in environmental education strategy planning and capacity building activities in the fields of training, evaluation and quality management and the development of concepts and capacity building activities for development cooperation projects.

We have work experiences with organizations as GTZ , GIZ, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), BORDA Bremen in countries as India, Indonesia, South-Africa, Lesotho, Azerbaijan.


1.The development of education projects and quality management surveys for the Wadden Sea National Parks in Germany and the Netherlands.

2.The development and evaluation of education projects for WWF.

3.The development of a science kit and education materials for science education in primary schools in India as part of the „Operation Blackboard“ of the Indian government, supported by a GTZ mission programme.

4.Study „An International Analysis of Green/Eco-Schools Models. Core concepts, review mechanisms and impact assessment“ for GIZ-PAKLIM Indonesia.

5.Study „General options and international examples for the institutional and functional set-up of Environmental Education Centres“ for GIZ Azerbaijan.

6.Organization of a study tour for Azerbaijan government officials to German Environmental Education Centres for GIZ Azerbaijan.

7.Support for the development of an action plan for the introduction of Environmental Education Centres in Azerbaijan for GIZ Azerbaijan.